Vision Systems is certified by ANCS Decision no. 9508/25.01.2011, as a research and development company.
The self-evaluation report can be downloaded here.

European Projects

Vision Systems has been involved in European projects for many years, offering its technical skills and knowledge to help achieving the projects’ goals. The company has created for these projects virtual 3D worlds accessible through Internet, multimedia presentations, clips for YouTube, educational platforms, learning objects for intelligent mobile devices, on-line tests and questionnaires, interactivity tools and many more.

The use of the latest technologies and techniques resulted in much appreciated products and confirmed the high standards on which Vision Systems builds its image, in full accordance with its mission.

Healthy Life Support through Comprehensive Tracking of Individual and Environmental Behaviors

New employees Development And Learning: tehnological methods and tools in favour of the professional development of new employees

Framework for Optimizing the Process of Feeding

Testing and Implementing EQF- and ECVET-Principles in Trade Organizations and Education

Organizzazione delle ceRtificazioni con applicazione di Smart cArd nei MestIeri e nelle inNOvazioni del maRE

Valorisation of an Experiment-based Training System through a Transnational Educational Network Development

Vocational Education Training to PROFessionals for a European Solid Space of collaboratION And Learning

Portale della Conoscenza per Mobile Object Learning strutturate