The project V.E.T. Prof.e.s.s.ion.a.l (I/05/B/F/PP-154149) was born directly from the partners. experiences in the chosen target sector that is the post-secondary non-university education and training system which is acquiring an ever increasing importance in the near future. The V.E.T. Prof.e.s.s.ion.a.l partners identified as the target group the education and training professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in the promotion and development of the target sector and who, beyond their primary function, education and training, contribute in the integration activity.
The direct addressees of this proposal are the professionals with a significant experience in coordinating and tutoring training projects or possessing a set of competences functional to the development of this activity in the partners. countries in the near future.
The indirect addressees are represented by the group of stakeholders, who can mostly take advantage of the abovementioned activities of mediation and integration. We refer to the many and numerous categories of: learners, education and training bodies, enterprises, social partners and political decision makers.
The group of the final potential users of the project.s results is composed by an extended group of individuals of the same type as the project’s addressees.

Seen from the perspective of integrated education and training, both at a vertical and horizontal levels, two types of needs can be distinguished, relating to the addressees. competences and the working methodology within the partnership:

  • core competence needs: they derive from the necessity that the professional figures, performing transversal roles in the post-secondary courses (as tutors, coordinators, mediator in the integrated area, that is the project.s direct addresses), are equipped with a set of specialized competences, additional the ones possessed as simple trainers, improved and aimed at facilitating the processes of mediation and integration at a national and international level;
  • core methodology needs: they derive from the necessity of having at disposal proper tools and methodologies to facilitate the partners. collaboration, in particular for the technical group, the testing team and the attention panel.

It is the project’s mission to identify and define a training standard for a V.E.T. Prof.e.s.s.ion.a.l., that is the professional in vocational education and training, in such a way to grant the harmonization of his professional skills with the present evolution of the post-secondary non-university education and training system at a Community and partner nations level.

The objective is therefore the promotion of the addressees. continuous training, thus indirectly contributing both in improving the service, and in the growth of the integrated system itself.

Our contribution

Vision Systems has designed and developed tools for an e-learning platform dedicated to vocational education.

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