SMS Alert


SMS Alert, implemented at the Nuclear-Electric Power Plant (CANDU type) Cernavoda Romania, is a Java-based application that allows the notification, through SMS messages, of a set of mobile phones when some events occur in an industrial process. The events that trigger this kind of notification actions are delivered to SMSAlert by other application or integrated system, through a connection interface; the support used in this case is a file with a specific format. The application allows specifying the type of events that will be notified and the phone numbers of the persons that will be notified. The SMS will be sent through a GSM modem.

The architecture is that of a client-server type where the graphical interface for control is the HTTP client and the core of the application (the main application) is started and run into a HTTP server.

This application has the capability of monitoring and administration from distance through Internet and will be integrated into an industrial platform for communication and data collecting, installed into a wireless network. We will extend the application to a general purpose, wireless with industrial and domotic uses.

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