PrintDeck is a hardware and software solution designed to facilitate printing on paper, remotely, documents using a touch screen interface.

Client Module
This module is intended for the terminal and provides the communication interface with the user.
The software client will open automatically when you turn terminal.
Graphical user interface will be simple, similar to, as a way to use a web browser and will occupy the entire display area of ​​the monitor.
The color palette of the interface will be chosen so as to ensure maximum readability in bright light conditions. Font size used will be chosen for maximum clarity of the text.
Orders may be given by simply tapping the graphics present on the interface. Communication with the end user will be achieved through confirmation buttons and windows with options to type Yes / No.

The Administration Module

This module will allow the organization of documents to print on logical groups. Access will be ensured by the authentication based on username and password.
The administrator creates logical links between physical files and documents viewed as logical files that will be integrated into logical groups. This will create a logical hierarchy of documents, different from the directory structure that stores the physical files. Administration will be done remotely through a web interface accessible from any web browser.

Print Module

This module deals with sending documents to print. The information will be retrieved from a MySQL database.

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