The aim of FOOD project is the development of specific AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) services, dedicated to the kitchen environment, to support elderly people in carrying out food-related daily living activities and interacting with home appliances in a much simpler, safer and rewarding way. The proposal addresses elderly people with a sufficient level of autonomy for independent life, if suitably supported. It aims at preserving and enhancing independence of elderly people in all aspects of daily life (addressing activities at home, security, health care control), to guarantee them the possibility of taking active part in the “self-serve” society (ability to access information and negotiate and or be supported for getting necessary items if mobility out of the house is a problem), and to secure social contacts and/or support, when necessary.

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The devised solution consists of a home-based system that enables elderly people to deal with feeding and food-related tasks in a safe, effective and rewarding way. It is based on the seamless integration of sensors, intelligent appliances able to offer functionalities in the house and Internet based services and applications, able to give access, through a natural interface, to information and communication in different social environments. Its innovation lies in the integration and cooperation of Internet of things, Semantic Web and Web 2.0. The availability of relevant data from sensors on people and their environment and the cooperation of artificial and human intelligence through the network will contribute to support independence of people. Moreover, it is supposed that the quality of the end-users everyday life will improve not only due to the support in crucial activities in the house, but also for the possibility of interaction with the outside world both for practical purposes (e.g. ecommerce, e-government, etc.) and for socializing.

The idea will be tested with pilots in three countries addressing a basic need of people, i.e.feeding. Pilots will be carried out in Italy, Romania and Netherlands, in order to compare its impact in different social environments.

Our contribution

Vision Systems has designed and developed a software system for managing the data collected from enviromental sensors (storage, interlocking, self-diagnostics, configuration and automatic updates) and a tablet application that provides a user interface for the entire computer system. Through this interface, users have access to an electronic cookbook, can write new recipes, can comment on an existing recipe, they provide a shopping list that can be sent by email to the user’s acquintances. Also, the tablet user can remotely control a smart electric oven and has access to facilities of synchronous and asynchronous communication.


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