This product was developed by Laboratorio delle Idee with the participation of Vision-Systems.

The Learning Management System (LMS), or simply called “Platform”, is the framework product for e-learning courses development, management and exploitation. It provides services for archiving and reusing course contents, arranging course modules in suitable structures, tracing user’s operations and interaction between users and different support profiles, such as tutors, teachers, etc.

An e-learning course can be characterised by different levels of interaction between the course supplier and the students. A good level of interaction is a fundamental point since past experience has demonstrated that student motivation is the key issue. ECampus offers synchronous (chat, video conferencing, virtual classroom) and asynchronous (FAQ, e-mailing, newsgroup, virtual board, forums, etc) services for allowing the communication of the different actors of the e-learning scenario.

The ECampus platform is a Web based application aimed at providing its users with all necessary communication, interaction and distribution functions for distribution / exploitation of e-learning material. In particular it allows specialist supported self learning.

ECampus operates in the Internet environment and is compatible with all main standards universally accepted in the e-learning field such as AICC, IMS and SCORM. When a new course is inserted into eCampus, it becomes SCORM compliant.

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